Mr. Kobanjo supports AMCRON and chairs the meeting

Mr. Kobanjo supports AMCRON and chairs the meeting

Dr. Biodun Shobanjo, Nigeria’s leading public relations and marketing communications expert and Chairman of Troika Holdings Limited, opened the 3rd International Conference and Annual General Meeting of the Association of Media and Communication Researchers in Nigeria. He said he would support and chair the ceremony. Nigeria (AMCRON).

The conference, themed “Communication, Mass Media and Governance in Africa: Trajectories, Expectations and Realities,” will be held at the Biodun Shobanjo Multimedia Technology and Cinematography Center of Excellence, Faculty of Mass Communication, University of Lagos. It is. , Akoka, Yaba, Lagos from 6th to 7th December 2023.

The conference brings together the best talent in the city and the best talent in the Nigerian media industry.

In a statement issued by Dr. Fassy Adetokunbo Yusuf, Mr. Shobanjo said that while Troika Holdings will sponsor key aspects of the conference, it is “delighted to chair the opening ceremony.” Ta.

Mr Yusuf went on to say that Mr Shobanjo’s two gestures were a prime example of his enduring social innovation and social responsibility and responsiveness.

Earlier, the association’s president, Professor Ralph Akinferi, said the conference would explore the ever-evolving dynamics of social media and the trajectory of the relationship between mass media and governance in Africa.

According to the president of the association, Professor Esselinune Makarty Mojei, AMCRON aims to strengthen media and communication knowledge, research and development and build bridges between towns for the socio-political and economic progress of society. It is said that it is a registered corporation aiming to A gown for integrating media and communication concepts and ideas towards national and international development.


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