A mother appeared disappointed when she saw the bikini photo her daughter posted online and confronted her about it.

The mother is seen showing her phone to her daughter named Uzoamaka. The bikini photo was displayed on the screen.

She then asked her daughter why she would expose her body online by posting a photo in a bikini.

Uzomaka responded, asking her mother where she saw the bikini photo.

The mother added that if her son showed her a photo of a lady in a bikini and said he wanted to marry her, she would tell him to leave the girl.

The daughter explained that she went swimming and asked her mother what she expected her to wear for swimming.

But the mother asked why she had to share the photo publicly. She then asked Uzoamaka if her man had seen the photo.

“Your friend, did he see that?” The mother asked.

“He took the photo,” Uzoamaka replied, shocking his mother even more.

Watch the video below.

Source: www.lindaikejisblog.com

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