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Monarch leads campaign to turn trash into gas for a cleaner, safer environment

Concerned about the alarming global warming and climate change impacting people in the region and around the world, the Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi Foundation is committed to providing clean energy to Nigerian households in a way that is safe, sustainable and livable. We are working to protect the environment.

The King's Foundation has partnered with Smart Gas Nigeria, a technology-based gas distribution company, to donate cooking gas to women in the Lekki community in Lekki, Lagos State, and the ceremony was attended by the Head of Ikate Kingdom Chief Olalekan Bakare attended as a representative. Oba Elegushi continually champions environmental and welfare projects for the benefit of the people and society.

The King said that curbing climate change and global warming requires collective efforts, government and stakeholder support through sound environmental management and waste disposal. He said the campaign will curb global warming and promote the health and longevity of the population.

Dr. Yinka Opeke, Chief Executive Officer of Smart Gas, said the country faces various environmental challenges such as flooding caused by indiscriminate dumping into waterways and drains, which constantly threaten people's lives. .

“Studies have shown that the main barrier to the adoption of cooking gas in Nigeria is the initial cost of acquiring these cylinders and burners, with over 70% of Nigerians spending less than $2 a day. The Foundation has decided to finance the purchase and distribution of these burners with 3-kilogram cylinders to quickly deliver this campaign.”

She said: “Our aim is not just profitability, but to ensure a measurable social and environmental impact through our campaigns, reinforcing our ESG focus as a company. We have high hopes for this, but we also have a role to play in cleaning up the environment and moving towards cleaner cooking alternatives.”

“We partner with community leaders, government agencies, business organizations, faith groups, and individuals of goodwill to provide safer alternatives to heating oil, firewood, and charcoal in underserved communities. We're donating prefilled cooking gas cylinders, and by collecting trash, we're educating families about the importance of a cleaner, healthier environment.”

She says the initiative has created opportunities for recycling companies and up-and-coming recyclers. Using firewood and charcoal for cooking not only harms the environment through emissions, but also our health through the smoke we breathe. Women and children are the most affected.

LAWMA Executive Director Dr. Muyiwa Gbadegesin appealed to people to clean their homes and environment. He said LAWMA has more than 420 private sector partnerships (PSPs) in communities that manage different types of waste for a fee, but most people do not pay these operators or cart pushers for their services. He said he observed that he did not want to pay.

He advised people to stop indiscriminately dumping garbage and waste on roads, road medians and gutters to help people live healthier and more stylish lives now and in the future.

The Chairman of the Saheed Ademola Elegushi Foundation, Aiki Odiawa, revealed that over 200 women and families have benefited from the scheme funded by the King. She added that the lkate women who received gas cylinders from the gas project's garbage bins would in turn empower their families and the world at large.


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