Mohababad: We have not received the autopsy report yet - Police

The Lagos State Police Command has announced that it is yet to receive the autopsy report of the late musician Ilerioluwa Aroba, also known as Mohubado, which was completed two months ago.

It has already been two months since the body of late singer Mokhvad was exhumed and an autopsy was conducted to determine the cause of death.

After Mokhubado’s murder on September 12 sparked controversy in Nigeria and abroad, police formed an investigation team to uncover the circumstances of the musician’s death.

In September, State Police Public Information Officer Benjamin Hundein tweeted that “the autopsy has been completed” and authorities were “awaiting results.”

In October, Mokhubado’s murder occurred on September 12, 2023, after he received three injections from a nurse, Feysayo Ogedembe, after which he experienced vomiting and goosebumps, the then police commissioner, Idowu Olowunwa, said. He was said to be related to several main suspects, including:

Several suspects were later indicted.

However, last Friday, the state police command released singers Azeez Fashola (alias Naira Marley) and Balogun Samson (alias Sam Lally) after fulfilling their bail requirements.

It may be recalled that the duo were detained as part of the investigation into Mokhvad’s death after footage of the late singer being assaulted was published online.

In response to a question about the release of Mokhbad’s autopsy report, Hundain said the report had not yet been officially received from the command.

Hundein said: “The autopsy report has not been given to us. Some people are passing on rumors that it is ready. We are not sure that it is ready and that it will be officially given to us. , so it’s one thing for us to receive it and it’s another thing for us to sign a copy saying we received it. So we’re not dealing with rumors, we’re dealing with facts.”


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