Missing 12-year-old boy found dead five days after in Ogun

A 12-year-old boy identified as John Soyinka, who was reported missing a few days ago, was found dead with his eyes gouged out and wrists slit at Kotogbo community, within Asero Estate, Abeokuta.

About a week ago, John was declared missing after being reported at the Obantoko Police Station, Abeokuta. A resident of the area who requested anonymity told Vanguard that the young student was said to have gone missing after trying to check on a customer making POS transactions at a store where the deceased used to serve him, but never returned.

“I know the boy very well, he is around 12 years old and lived with his mother who I imagine is no longer with her husband. His mother does manual work, like helping people sweep and so on.

The boy was also going to school, but I also usually see him in a business center where they do POS and barber shop operations, I think he must be helping them there. What we heard was that on Thursday last week, he said he wanted to check on a customer who transacted at the POS, maybe there was something to sort out about the transaction, but the boy never came back.

The boy and his mother lived in Olasunkanmi community and so the Community Development Association reported the matter to the District Police Officer at Obantoko Police Station.

The DPO informed the police in Adigbe and Lafenwa, but it was the boy’s dead body that was seen in Kotogbo community, next to Olasunkanmi, on Monday. The two communities are within Asero estate, Abeokuta. It is suspected to be a case of ritual murder because the boy’s eyes were removed and his wrists were also cut. It is an incident that really left all the residents in mourning,” said the resident

The state police command is yet to comment on this development.

Source: www.lindaikejisblog.com

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