Ministry of Steel Development essential to Tinubu’s infrastructure revolution plan – Umahi

The Minister of Labor, David Umahi, and the Minister of Steel Development, Shuaib Audu, have resolved to work together to leverage the opportunities of the Ajaokuta Steel Plant for the development of Nigeria’s road infrastructure. This was part of the outcome of an inter-ministerial meeting held today at the Federal Ministry of Works headquarters in Mabushi, Abuja, in line with President Tinubu’s New Hope Agenda.

The Ministers’ wide-ranging resolution emphasized the importance of coordination, coherence of cooperation and complementarity in the implementation of the Federal Government’s action plan for national development.

Commenting on the outcome of the meeting, Umahi hinted that the Ministry of Steel Development will play a key role in the President’s road infrastructure revolution plan by providing over 16 per cent of the materials needed to build roads in Nigeria. concrete pavement. He said harnessing the opportunities in the steel industry would not only create jobs and wealth for Nigerians, but also create global markets for Nigeria and boost industrialization.

“How do we revitalize Ajaokuta Steel? We go into concrete roads, which are about 16 per cent steel and 30 per cent cement. Although we need a lot of money to start. , we decided to work on it and God gave us the idea. We need about $35 billion to start. It might get difficult once we start waiting for FG. We We have achieved return on investment (ROI), the profit that could have been earned, some of which goes to bank interest. We are looking at commercial banks, but the Federal Executive Committee has It has to be approved. If this can happen, it means the president is actually living up to his words, and it will be possible.”

Mr. Umahi also noted that the steel industry is the foundation of Nigeria’s industrialization, the backbone that stimulates national development and promotes the economy towards industrial growth in all countries, adding that the He praised the effort.

Mr. Umahi hinted to the Steel Development Minister while assuring the ministry to cooperate in efforts to enhance the potential of the Ajaokuta steel plant. I call him a divine president, but the most important thing is that our eyes are on the job. ”

The minister continued: “One of the items on the President’s New Hope agenda is to think outside the box. He knew what this country was like and what it was like before he took this job. The good thing is that if you’re passionate about something, If so, then God is giving you ideas.”

Steel Development Minister Shiwaib Audu began his remarks by saying, “We are thinking seriously outside the box about how we can implement the President’s A New Hope Agenda.” What we have come to ask is how to restart steel production at the Ajaokuta Steel Plant.The Minister of Works said the Federal Government is considering developing over 30,000 kilometers of roads, the majority of which are We made it clear that the steel manufacturing process will be produced in Ajaokuta.We have come to discuss how we can quickly implement the production process in Ajaokuta.”

Mr. Audu underlined the importance of this initiative by both Ministers, saying it would provide Nigeria with the necessary economic stimulus, generate revenue, create thousands of direct jobs for skilled and unskilled workers, and increase the number of He expressed his hope that it would provide 100,000 unskilled jobs.


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