Minister Idris says blueprint for digital switchover is underway

Minister Idris says blueprint for digital switchover is underway

The Federal Ministry of Information and State Orientation has said it is working on a blueprint to roll out Digital Switchover (DSO) projects across Nigeria.

The Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, made this announcement on Monday during the opening ceremony of the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) Management Conference and Retreat.

“The Ministry of Intelligence and National Orientation is also working diligently towards a no-fail DSO blueprint and I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate the Federal Government’s commitment to the digital switchover (project). It will be rolled out across urban and rural Nigeria. NTA is expected to play a key role as a key stakeholder in the DSO project,” Idris said.

The Minister also called on the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) to adapt to the changing landscape of the media industry, which is being affected by the rise of new technologies and changing audience preferences.

“Our commitment to excellence and adaptability is paramount. NTA must continue to embrace innovation and evolve while maintaining the highest standards of journalistic integrity.

“This retreat comes at a time when audiences have more options to stay informed, especially given the dominant role of social media and the proliferation of false and misleading information it contains. Therefore, the importance of this type of event cannot be overstated,” he said.

The Minister also continued to inform Nigerians about the successes being recorded in various sectors, in line with President Tinubu’s administration’s ‘New Hopes’ agenda, and ensured that Nigerians understood the policy direction of the administration. We requested the NTA to make it available for evaluation.

Idris, however, urged NTA to strive to rediscover the golden age when its content, especially notable soap operas and drama series, not only defined the national television entertainment space but also drew viewers into their homes in the evenings. I asked for it.


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