Minister Ata Igala mourns the death of his sister

Minister Ata Igala mourns the death of his sister

The Minister of Steel Development, Prince Shuaib Abubakar Odu, on Friday expressed his heartfelt condolences on the death of Malama Maymunat Opalwa-Sani, the sister of the Supreme Ruler of the Igala Kingdom, King Alhaji Mathew Opalwa, and her granddaughter. expressed.

Prince Audu, in a condolence message released by his Special Assistant on Media, Lizzie Okoji, in Abuja on Friday, described the death of the late Malama Opalwa-Sani and her five-year-old granddaughter as tragic and sacrilegious. Ta.

The minister said the death of Malama Opalwa Sani, Akwuma Atta Igala, was a loss to the entire Igala Kingdom and called on everyone to remain strong.

Audu, in a statement by SA Media's Lizzy Okoji, called on security agencies to investigate the alleged arson and arrest the perpetrators of the heinous crime.

“It is with our deepest hearts that we join our father, HRM, Alhaji Mathew Opaluwa and the entire Royal Family, in mourning the loss of his sister and her granddaughter, whose lives were taken in the most painful way.

“I also sympathize with all the people of Igala Kingdom at this time, as this is a loss for all of us.

“I call on the security authorities to investigate the suspected arson and arrest the perpetrators of this act as a deterrent to others. Such acts of sacrilege must be stopped in our country. not.

“I pray that the Almighty Allah forgives the souls of the late Malama Maymunat Opalwa and her granddaughter Wanchojo Arjana Firdaus. I also pray that the Almighty Allah gives the family the heart to bear the loss. Pray.”

The late Malama Opalwasani, Akwuma Attah Igala, passed away at the age of 75 on Thursday, January 4, along with her five-year-old granddaughter Onechojo, after her home in Ayda, Kogi State was allegedly set on fire by some assailants. .


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