Mercy Corps praises Nigerian government's intervention in Gaza

Mercy Corps praises Nigerian government's intervention in Gaza

International humanitarian organization Mercy Corps has praised the Nigerian government for securing free travel from the war-torn Gaza Strip for one of its senior staff members, Joel Onyeke.

Mercy Corps Chief Executive Officer Tjada D'oyen McKenna said in a letter of thanks to Foreign Minister Yusuf Tugga: Facilitated the safe passage of our team member Joel Onyeke from Gaza.

“After three harrowing weeks in a UNDP bunker, Onyeke safely crossed the Rafah border into Egypt from Gaza on November 1st, and was reunited with his family in Abuja by November 3rd. ”

Mr. Onyeke, a cash adviser to Mercy Corps, was the only foreign national team member employed in Gaza.

The Mercy Corps also expressed its gratitude to the Federal Government of Nigeria for its support and stressed the need for a humanitarian corridor for the delivery of aid to Gaza and the safe exit of foreigners from Gaza.

“More work is needed to ensure the safety of all Palestinians and Israelis,” McKenna said. “We hope this crisis ends soon, communities begin to rebuild, and humanitarian workers emerge stronger.” We look forward to continuing to work for a more inclusive economy.”


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