Mbaha seeks collaboration with FG to transform Enugu’s health sector

Mbaha seeks collaboration with FG to transform Enugu’s health sector

Enugu State Governor Peter Ndubuisi Mbaha on Friday said he has sought the cooperation of the Federal Government in transforming the health sector in the state.

Mr. Mba disclosed this in a statement on X after receiving the Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Dr. Tunji Alausa, on a courtesy visit to the Government House in Enugu on Wednesday.

The governor said the health sector remained a priority of his administration and as such, the Enugu State government had taken significant steps to bring about significant improvements in the health sector.

He said this was to increase access to quality health facilities for residents of Enugu State, irrespective of their financial situation.

“We are also seeking the cooperation of the federal government to take innovative measures to transform the health sector,” Mba said.

“Currently, we are building 260 brand new Type 2 Primary Health Care Centers in 260 wards in Enugu State.

“We have identified lack of infrastructure and staffing shortages as key challenges impacting productivity in the healthcare sector.

“That’s why we’re pleased that the federal government has shown interest in helping local governments build strong, resilient systems.”

Mr Mbaha announced that the Federal Government recognizes the role that states play in achieving health indicators, whether it is maternal mortality or infant mortality, and in each case targets should be set from the bottom up. It added that this would be achieved.

In Enugu State, the governor intensified his administration’s efforts to leverage technology and its designed development templates to address issues and make the system not only attractive but also effective, efficient and functional. He said he is doing so.

He further added that the mass exodus of medical personnel in search of greener pastures is of great concern to us, noting that the health sector has been the hardest hit.

“We are pleased that the federal government is stepping up to the plate and taking steps to ensure the training and recruitment of more health professionals,” Mba said.

“We are working with the federal government in the area of ​​universal health care coverage.

“We already want to establish our own state health insurance law even before the National Health Insurance Act is enacted. Our goal is to ensure that everyone in Enugu has access to quality healthcare. It’s about making sure you get it.”


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