Mbaha fulfills promise and commissions plan to eliminate water scarcity in Enugu

Mbaha fulfills promise and commissions plan to eliminate water scarcity in Enugu

There was excitement in Enugu State yesterday as Governor Peter Mba fulfilled his promise to deliver potable water to residents within 180 days of assuming office.

Prime Minister Mbafu commissioned a multi-million naira water project at Nine Smile Corner and Oji River, which has the capacity to provide 120 million liters of drinking water daily, which his administration has built to the delight of residents. , said this development would mean the end of permanent water. Rarity within the state.

Speaking at the inauguration of the 70 million liter capacity Nine Smiles Enugu water scheme, the governor advised water tanker owners in the state to invest in other projects, saying water restoration was key to achieving the state’s plan. He said there is. Within the next 4-8 years, GDP will reach $30 billion from the current $4.4 billion.

“This has led to the situation we are currently facing, with families queuing endlessly to get water from tanker trucks that supply water in a highly unreliable and epileptic manner. Meanwhile, companies are being forced to invest in extensive water infrastructure, from tank facilities to additional reticulation, much of which is required for large users such as hotels and hospitals. We actually had to buy our own tanker trucks to ensure reliability of supply.

“Faced with this fundamental problem and considering the suffering of Ndi Enugu, we have identified the provision of water as one of our first goals in fulfilling our mission and social contract with the people of Enugu. It was natural.”

And we set a goal to solve this challenge within 180 days, not to get excited, but primarily because the problem is urgent.

“We did not want Mr. Ndi Enugu to suffer unduly for even a minute longer than was avoidable. And secondly, we did not want Mr. Ndi Enugu to suffer unduly for even a minute longer than was avoidable. We saw this as an opportunity to cheer him up and get the government up and running as quickly as possible.”

Explaining that many residents have doubts about the administration’s promise of regular water supply within the stipulated period, the 120 million liter plan is set aside daily to acquire new placements in the state. He said this is the first step towards realizing a 200 million liter water supply. .

“We are currently supplying water to Enugu City under considerable pressure and what we can say now is that piped water is here to stay. You can pay your monthly water bill by simply connecting it to the public water supply, as is done in most environments. People who have invested in a water tanker can sell it and use the funds for other purposes. “I can do that,” he said.

Turning to water vessel operators, he added: We have delivered enough water to Enugu metropolis. This is truly commendable. But it is certainly not the time to shout “Uhuru” yet. This is because the existing water pipe network does not serve many of the major residential areas that have developed since the last major pipe laying project in Enugu. We need to keep trying to get them the water that comes out of our pipes.

“Furthermore, towns on the outskirts of Enugu are also experiencing water problems of varying degrees. Now that the end of the water crisis around Enugu city is in sight, we are once again committed to addressing towns such as Nsukka, Oji and Udi. It shouldn’t be a focus.”

Mba added that the second phase of borehole construction at Nine Smile will provide 16 more boreholes and additional water, ensuring availability of supply with the 4.4MW of electricity provided by the plan. Ta.


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