Man sentenced to death for killing neighbour in Ogun

Man sentenced to death for killing neighbor in Ondo

An Ondo State High Court sitting in Akure, the state capital, has sentenced a man identified as Abayomi Joseph to death for killing his neighbour.

Punch reported that Joseph was convicted after being found guilty of stabbing to death one Thomas Oluwole, who was his neighbor, with a machete, in 2021, in the Ijoka area of ​​Akure, following an allegation of well water poisoning leveled against the daughter of the deceased by the convict.

According to the report, during the heated argument, Joseph allegedly attacked the 63-year-old construction worker with a machete and struck his neck and other parts of his body with the machete, which led to his death. He was later arrested by the police and taken to court.

He was also arraigned before the court on one count of murder, through information presented to the court by a Deputy Legal Director, Mrs. Omotola Ologun, of the Ondo State Ministry of Justice.

During the process, the convict allegedly claimed to have been crazy when committing the crime. After a series of arguments from the prosecution and defense attorneys, the court found Joseph guilty.

While delivering the sentence, the trial judge, Justice OS Kuteyi, stated that since the accused deliberately attacked the deceased by hitting him on the head with wood and cutting off his head with a meat cleaver, he could not be excused from death he caused to man by his actions.

While maintaining that the prosecution had proved the case of murder against the accused beyond reasonable doubt, Justice Kuteyi sentenced him to death by hanging.

”Your feeble attempt to increase insanity or insane delusion was just a ploy to prevent the court from seeing the truth about the murder of the deceased on the fateful morning of March 17, 2021.

The defendant’s evidence that he ran to the top of a mountain and saw a pastor who advised him to report his fears to the street president is a failed strategy for relying on an insane delusion.” the court considered


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