Man ordered to pay $3,000 compensation for tricking wife into paying bride price

Man ordered to pay $3,000 compensation for tricking wife into paying bride price

A man from Chigodora, Zimbabwe, has been ordered by a court to pay $3,000 in damages after he tricked his wife into paying bride price.

In court, it was established that the man identified as Kenny Mlambo had tricked his wife Jennifer Maparanyanga into paying the bride price after asking her for a loan of US$300.

Jennifer, who filed for divorce from Kenny, tearfully told how her life turned into a nightmare the moment she asked for the money she had lent him back.

Accompanied by her father, Phineas Maparanyanga, Jennifer revealed the terrible ordeal she faced. Jennifer remembered how, out of love for Mlambo, she agreed to lend him the lobola money. She claims he told her he only had $600, so she agreed to lend it to him to supplement her funds.

She said;

“He told me he wanted to marry me, but he only had $600, which to him was very little and disrespectful to my father. I loaned him $300 to top up his money. He promised to return the money the following month, but he didn’t.”

Jennifer revealed that Mlambo’s behavior changed drastically after she requested a refund of the money. She lamented her husband’s abusive behavior and neglect after he finally paid her, claiming he denied her marital rights and failed to support the family, insisting she use the $300.

Her father expressed dismay upon discovering that his daughter had inadvertently paid for her own lobola. He accused Mlambo of deception and demanded reparations for the deception.

Phineas said;

“She started crying, confessing that, without knowing it, she paid for her own lobola. I was hurt because Mlambo deceived my daughter. Even now I’m still hurt that he’s getting ‘free’ with my daughter.” Mlambo counter-accused Jennifer of tarnishing her reputation over her supposed performance in bed despite her pregnancy. Seeking a divorce, he appealed to Chief Chigodora to persuade the Maparanyanga family to take back his daughter.

In a convincing decision, Chief Chigodora condemned Mlambo’s actions as an abomination, demanding restitution. Mlambo was ordered to pay compensation of $3,000 to the Maparanyanga family for the fraud and disrespect shown during the lobola process.

“You did not pay any lobola to the Maparanyangas because it was with their daughter’s money that you paid during the lobola ceremony. What you did was very disrespectful to your in-laws and your wife. You are a cheater and for that you need to work hard and pay the damages to them.”


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