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Lionel Messi’s relative ‘robbed of $22K after armed robbers attacked vehicle carrying money from his family’s supermarket in Argentina’

A vehicle transporting money from Antonela Roccuzzo’s family supermarket, in the center of Rosario, was attacked by armed robbers in Argentina.

The thieves got away with around eight million Argentine pesos, the equivalent of around US$22,500.

Antonela Roccuzzo’s relative, Agustina Scalia, 23, was carrying more than £18,000 in Argentine pesos from the family’s supermarket in Lavelle, near the center of Rosario, to a nearby bank when they were robbed on Wednesday morning.

According to the report, the robbery was “quick and violent”. The criminals got out of the car and broke one of the windows of the vehicle transporting the money.

Antonela Roccuzzo’s cousin and two supermarket employees were traveling in the vehicle transporting the money.

“We went from the supermarket to the bank to deposit the money,” a colleague told the press. “They broke our windows and took our bags.

“There was definitely a car, because I saw them get into one. At the moment it all started, I only heard gunshots. When we got out we saw the bullet hole.”

According to the employee, the supermarket manager tried to speed up to avoid being robbed, but couldn’t because there was another car in front of her.

As she explained, this way of transporting money is not common: “It’s not something we always do. We left the money in the bank and came back.”

Police are still investigating the robbery and told local media they have not ruled out the possibility of a second vehicle being involved.

Police chief Diego Santamaria, revealing details of the robbery this morning, said: “The two targeted people were leaving the supermarket and heading to a nearby bank.

“They were intercepted by a white car whose occupants broke the windows and took backpacks with a large amount of money, approximately eight million Argentine pesos according to the victims.

“At least one car participated in the crime. The shot apparently occurred when the vehicle was trying to leave the scene at high speed.

‘There are cameras in the area.’

A doctor who treated the robbery victims told local media: “They have light bruises and high blood pressure, but otherwise they are fine.”


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