Let's be grateful and make 2024 a year of peace - Senator Dixon

Let's be grateful and make 2024 a year of peace – Senator Dixon

Sen. Henry Ciriake Dixon preached the same message of peace and the importance of an attitude of gratitude in three church services over two days. He said Nigerians needed them to achieve their plans in 2024.

At a New Year’s Eve service to mark 2024 at Kpadia Royal Square in his hometown, Toruorua, the former Bayelsa State governor led his constituents in praising the Almighty for his benevolence over the past year. “We would have achieved nothing. We would have become nothing if God Almighty had not made it possible for us,” people said, chanting “Amen.” chanted. The venue took on a carnival-like atmosphere as people celebrated and wished good luck for 2024.

“The economic situation is tough,” said Senator Dickson, who represents Bayelsa West Senatorial District. “We need peace, harmony and the resilient spirit of Nigerians to overcome these situations.”

A few hours later, celebrations and thanksgiving continued at Melchizedek Palace, the chapel in Senator Dixon's official residence. A choral competition enlivened Thanksgiving. Senator Dixon called on people from among the congregation to lead in a song of their choice.

“I have always believed that if you do not care about your fellow citizens, you cannot serve Almighty God,” said Sen. Dixon, who has previously pledged to give out groceries and cash to his constituents.

Late Monday night, another service was held at the Refuge and Ark of Mercy at Tolu Orua Christian Center. The message was the same: the people and the senators took their praise to new heights, acknowledging what the Almighty had done for them while asking for new mercy in 2024.

“On behalf of my family, I wish you a peaceful, prosperous, successful and healthy 2024. May this new year bring you peace, stability and stability among ourselves, our families, our communities and our nation. , and I pray for a deeper understanding.'' In this new year, we strive to do our best in everything we do, think, and say, and that everything we think and do is for the benefit of humanity as a whole. I think it should.

“We would like to thank our friends and well-wishers, women’s and youth groups, choirs, and clergy from near and far who participated in the various services that just concluded this evening, to help them experience the mercy and blessings of God. I hope I can. I hope to interact with them many times,” he said.

Senator Dixon is not new to Thanksgiving. One of the first laws he signed as Governor of Bayelsa State was the Bayelsa State Thanksgiving Act 2012, which established November 2 as a public holiday in the state.

He then built an ecumenical center in Yenagoa, a place of worship to the Almighty, where he allocated offices to various sects.

Senator Serimei Dixon and his wife Dr. Rachel Dixon at church

Dixon family participates in service

A group of women dancing in worship

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