Legal defense fund for whistleblower surgeon Eithan Haim tops $1M

The legal defense fund for a Texas surgeon who could face 10 years in prison for disclosing alleged secret transgender procedures for minors at Texas Children's Hospital recently topped $1 million.

Dr. Eithan Haim, 34, was slapped by the US Department of Justice last month with four felony counts after he “obtained personal information including patient names, treatment codes and the attending physician from the Texas Children's Hospital (TCH) electronic system without authorization,” according to DOJ press release.

Haim leaked such records to journalist Christopher Rufo last year after TCH told the audience it paused such procedures after Republican Texas governor Greg Abbott classified them as child abuse, although Haim discovered documents that proved they continued to perform such procedures.

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According to the six-page indictment released in May, US Attorney Alamdar Hamdani claimed that Haim went to the press instead of the proper authorities inside the hospital.

Haim's crowdfunding GiveSendGo defense fundwhose new goal was raised to $1.5 million, has raised more than $1,022,000, as of Wednesday morning.

Haim told The Christian Post that the outpouring of support was “surreal.”

“It shows how much support there is, and how many people realize that the federal government is persecuting innocent people to further their ideology,” Haim said, adding that he was “overwhelmed” by the number of personal letters he. received in his office that expresses solidarity.

Haim also attacked the Biden administration, and said he had been contacted by others who had experienced recent visits from federal law enforcement because of their political views.

“We all know that Biden is not the president; that everyone behind the scenes is making these decisions, because of their complete lack of mental capacity,” he said. “So the people who run the government are the ones who have no responsibility because we don't know their faces.”

Haim suggested that the actions of the federal government in his case exposed their deep depravity.

“I think what they have done is already beyond the scope of what even a corrupt government would do,” he said. “So they made their point, but we're going to take this to court.”

Jury selection for Haim's trial is scheduled to begin on August 16.

Haim also recently told CP that he feels divine providence in his fight with the federal government, which he characterizes as a fight against evil.

“What kind of world are we going to live in if we don't stand up for these kids who are being hurt or against the government that is persecuting people who are telling the truth?” he said. “And if we think things are bad now, how much worse will it be in 10 years?”

“And that's the world we would deliver our children into, and especially with my wife being 24 weeks pregnant now, that's no longer theoretical, but that's real,” he continued. “If we truly love our children, we are willing to sacrifice for their future. So if that means I have to face the most powerful federal Leviathan in human history, that's what it will take.”


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