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The Supreme Court’s decision in the Taraba Deputy Governor case provides a lesson on the temporary nature of leadership and power. In conclusion, the Supreme Court held as follows:

According to NGWUTA JSC, paragraphs 168-169. GB:
“Impeachment of elected politicians is a very serious matter and should not be taken for granted. Its purpose is to set aside the will of the voters as expressed in their votes. It affects those who are impeached just as much as the voters who gave him the mandate.

“Whether the time required by law is one day or three months, the rules of due process must be strictly followed. “The country, or even the entire country, could be reduced to the status of a banana republic.The impeachment and removal procedures must be strictly followed by the courts” (emphasis added).

According to NGWUTA, JSC, page 169 et seq. CF:
“In conclusion, based on the undisputed facts contained in the appellant’s affidavit, I am of the view that the courts below should have resolved the issue of denial of a fair hearing to the accused in favor of the appellant. I therefore allow the appeal and set aside the Court of Appeal’s judgment.

“I hereby order an investigation into the allegations of gross misconduct made by the House of Representatives against the appellant, the Deputy Governor of Taraba State, during the entire proceedings of the panel purported to have taken place in the Taraba State House of Assembly. The incomplete and redacted report on which appellant was relied upon in excluding the appellant is and is hereby declared to be null and void and of no legal or factual effect. , the appellant, Alhaji Sani Abubakar Danladi, has remained as the Deputy Governor of Taraba State at all times and is currently the Deputy Governor of Taraba State and intends to immediately resume his suspended duties.”

The case in Edo and Ondo states is of great interest because of its unique facts and circumstances. In Edo State, the Deputy Governor, Hon Philip Shuaib, wants to succeed his boss, Governor Godwin Obaseki. When things were going well, they were the best Siamese twins, but suddenly things went awry and Shuaib had to go to court to protect his office. Since then, he has been denied access to the official residence and banished to a remote office without an official car or compliments from the official residence.

His repeated apologies were flatly rejected by the governor, but that’s fine as both men are determined to complete their terms peacefully. The case of Ondo state is a little different. Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu had been suffering from health problems for a long time but God was faithful to keep him alive. In numerous posts on his verified Facebook page, the governor publicly professed his faith in God and asked for prayers while expressing absolute trust in God for healing. Of course, it is vintage Akeredolu and his determination is very firm and fearless.

This is one of his many admirable traits. I met him intimately many years ago when he appeared at the Federal High Court in Osogbo. He represented the university and I represented the lecturers.

He was, and always has been, very bright and full of energy. But if anything, Mr. Akeredolu later became the President of the Nigerian Bar Association, where he would prove his mettle. He spoke truth to power and gave Nigeria a good report on the court. The scenario currently unfolding in Ondo State was the case when Alhaji Musa Umaru Yar’Adua was at the helm as President of Nigeria. Mr. Akeredolu represented the hearts of Nigerians to President Yar’Adua at the time. listen to him.

“It is our association’s prayer that the President recovers quickly, returns to his duties, and resigns. No matter how much you love your country, you should never let it compromise your health. Hmm. It’s not your party or your wife who decides whether you can handle the affairs of the country. Only your doctor can decide that. The courts should come back to the president and keep him at the table. I’m not asking for it, but I have to do the right thing.”

When Mr. Akeredolu joined the campaign and was eventually elected Governor of Ondo State, I was very happy to see such a rare talent in public office. And Akeredolu has never let me down and indeed Nigerians.

He bravely stood up to protect his people by forming and supporting the Amotekun Corps, demanding true federalism, and as chairman of the Southern Governors Forum, he courageously rallied his colleagues for the famous Asaba Declaration.

So imagine the pain of the people when a terrorist went to war massacring the innocent worshipers of St. Francis Anglican Church in his hometown of Owo. I myself was moved to tears when the governor openly wept in church and told the people that he knew what to do but did not have the authority to do so under the Nigerian legal system. did.
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Adegboruwa is the Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN).

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