Land allocation by FCT indigenous peoples, suspicion of payment of 5 million naira to C/O

Land allocation by FCT indigenous peoples, suspicion of payment of 5 million naira to C/O

Indigenous peoples of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) are calling on Minister Nyesom Wike to be more transparent in the allocation of land in the territory.

Under the auspices of concerned FCT citizens and civil society groups, local residents called for an investigation into the land allocation since the immediate past Governor of Rivers State assumed office.

Convener Daniel Okwa queried exemptions from the FCT Treasury single account policy and reported the payment of N5 million for Certificate of Occupancy (C of O).

He said: “We must hold public officials accountable and demand transparency and accountability in the management of public resources. We must ensure that government agencies serve the interests of all citizens, not just some. must be made to work for.

“Contrary to the law and the spirit of governance of the Federal Capital Territory, discriminatory practices existed in the allocation of land and employment opportunities. This is clear from the principles of equity, equity and justice that should guide the allocation of national resources. is in violation of.”

“We believe that this type of discriminatory behavior cannot be tolerated in a country that strives to build a cohesive and inclusive society. It creates division and undermines national unity. It also undermines democracy and It would send the wrong message to the international community about our country’s commitment to the rule of law.

“As concerned citizens, we call on the relevant authorities to investigate these allegations and take appropriate action.”


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