Lagos government warns against sale of fake drinks

The Lagos State Government has issued a stern warning to entertainment establishments in the state against the sale and distribution of counterfeit drinks.

The Special Adviser on Tourism, Arts and Culture to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Idris Aregbe, issued the warning in a statement released through his Instagram page.

He said this was in response to growing concerns about counterfeit drinks being distributed in clubs and restaurants across the state.

He said the prevalence of counterfeit beverages poses a serious threat to public health and safety, prompting an intensified and concerted effort by his office to eradicate substandard products from circulation. .

“We call on all clubs, restaurants and public places selling drinks to exercise due diligence to avoid purchasing or offering counterfeit drinks to unsuspecting consumers. '' he said.

Mr. Aregbe assured the nation of comprehensive efforts to eliminate counterfeit beverages from the market.

He explained that the state will partner with the National Food and Drug Administration Authority, NAFDAC Director of Investigation and Enforcement, Mr. Ononiu Ezeribe, and the Lagos State Safety Commission led by Mr. Lanre Mojola.

He warned that any entertainment venues or gatherings found serving or selling fake drinks will be immediately shut down and their business licenses suspended.

He said strict measures would be taken to protect the health of Lagos residents and visitors.

The ministry said it is cooperating with other relevant agencies to ensure full compliance with the eradication of counterfeit beverages.


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