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LAGOS: Falana vows to ensure soldiers arrested for traffic violations are prosecuted

Human rights lawyer Femi Falana has vowed to ensure that soldiers arrested by Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu for violating road traffic laws are prosecuted.

DAILY POST reported on Tuesday that Sanwo-Olu arrested some men on motorbikes who were riding on a one-way street on the Lagos-Badagry expressway.

The governor was on his way to the inauguration of the Femi Gbajabiamila Conference Center at the Ojo campus of the Lagos State University, LASU, when the incident occurred on Tuesday.

One of the criminals may have thought he would be released if he identified himself as a soldier, but the governor ordered the guards to lock him up for that reason.

Sanwo-Olu said as he was led away by security forces. “Leave him there and let daddy come and help you.”

And Falana, appearing on Channels TV on Wednesday, pointed out that the country's military personnel often consider themselves to be above the law.

“In our country, military personnel believe they are above the law, as if we were still under a military dictatorship,” he said.

“We were lucky that no unfortunate incident occurred. In August last year, several police officers were directing traffic around Oshiro City when they saw a vehicle stop and a soldier shot out from one of the vehicles. It jumped out and pounced on a police officer, killing him.

“Some were injured and detained in the barracks. It was difficult to even release the soldiers for investigation.

“It was the same in Wadume. A captain led his soldiers in an attack and killed three police officers who had come to arrest a very dangerous criminal. So what happened?”

“Soldiers were also indicted, but former Attorney General Malami withdrew the case from court saying the soldiers would judge them. These people were promoted.

“Therefore, we must run a country where there is rule of law and where there is equality before the law. I urge human rights organizations to pressure the Lagos State government to bring that soldier to justice.” I'm definitely going to work on that.”


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