Lagos Deputy Governor denies receiving N2b to fans, others | Guardian Nigeria News

The Lagos State Deputy Governor’s Office yesterday debunked a report that claimed the state received N2 billion for the supply of electric fans, rechargeable lights and refrigerators, revealing that it only received N2 million.

The Guardian on Monday quoted Fanso Doherty, the Action Democratic Congress (ADC) gubernatorial candidate in the last election, as saying that the Deputy Governor, Dr. Qadri Hamzat, had secured N2 billion for the supply of electric fans, rechargeable lights and refrigerators. reported that his wife won 30 million naira. Every month, we provide support to the poor in Lagosia.

However, Mr Hamzat claimed that his wife received only 2.5 million naira each in monthly pro-poor assistance and empowerment programmes, compared to the 30 million naira reported by Mr Doherty.

An internal memo dated November 20 from the Office of the Deputy Governor to the Commissioner of Public Procurement Agency, Lagos State, said the claim was false.

A memo signed by the Director of Finance and Accounts, Thora Ekemode, on behalf of the Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Deputy Governor, states that the Procurement Authority’s claims are complete factual errors.

But he urged the agency to take swift action to address the issue by providing the public with an accurate explanation of what was approved for the lieutenant governor’s office.

The memo to the PPA reads: “According to the memo, the Office of the Lieutenant Governor is reported to have awarded the sum of N2,017.84 million for the provision of supplies (rechargeable fans, rechargeable lights, refrigerators).”

“The office was reported to have spent 30 million naira monthly on assistance to the poor by the Deputy Governor’s wife and the same amount on monthly empowerment programs by the Deputy Governor’s wife.

“The Office of the Lieutenant Governor calls for your immediate action and the attention of our millions of readers to state in no uncertain terms that this report is false, a hoax, a sham, and baseless. I would like to tell you.”

The agency said it was forced to write this letter because of the inaccuracies in what it had been told. Because the story was completely different and did not accurately reflect what was recorded.

“Nor will we allow some mischievous individuals and journalists to bring into disrepute the character and name of the Lieutenant Governor, his wife and his office.

“It is important to state the truth that the office did in fact obtain approval for supplies (rechargeable fans, rechargeable lights, refrigerator “2,017,840,000 Naira (compared to the 2,017,840,000 Naira reported by Mr. Doherty in the name of the letter),” he added.

The office, through the deputy governor’s wife, said that a report stating that the office spent NOK 30 million a month on assistance to the poor was inaccurate, as the amount stated was for the entire year. said.

“It’s 2.5 million naira per month. The same goes for the empowerment program by the deputy governor’s wife, which is also 2.5 million naira per month compared to the monthly report of 30 million naira.

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