Lagos denies state funding to Sanwo-Olu's legal dispute

The Lagos State Government has refuted claims by the Labor Party (LP) gubernatorial candidate, Gbadebo Rose Bivour, that the state government funded Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s legal battle following the Saturday, March 18 election.

In a tweet by X, Rhodes Viveur claimed that the Lagos State government paid N50 million to four lawyers to defend Governor Sanwo-Olu in a legal dispute.

“Lagos State is not a party to the political suit brought against Mr. Sanwole, APC and INEC. The state account should not be an extension of the governor’s personal account,” Rose-Vibourg said. .

“It is wrong for taxpayers to foot the bill for Mr. Sanwal’s legal representation and to redirect those funds to areas of dire need, such as health care, education and social security.”

Meanwhile, Information and Strategy Secretary Gbenga Omotoso said in a statement on Tuesday that although a request for payment had been made, no such payment had been made.

Omotojo said Rose Vivour’s claims were “without any evidence” and were “a ploy to deceive the public.”

He pointed out that the documents submitted by Rose Vivour to support his claim “do not contain the logo of the Lagos State Government or the approval of any government official.”

“This was just another ploy to deceive the public about the non-existent N50 million payment to the four lawyers,” Omotoso said.

Mr. Omotoso then said that while it is worthwhile for “patriotic individuals to scrutinize the finances of the Lagos State Government,” the results of such investigations “are always based on verified facts and are not subject to anything other than the truth.” “It’s nothing,” he said.

He said the transactions referred to by Rose-Vivour never happened, adding that there was a request for payment that Sanwo-Olu did not approve after the Attorney General and Attorney General brought him to his attention for irregularities. .

“There was a demand for payment, which was brought to the attention of the Honorable Attorney General and the Attorney General, but the Governor did not approve it because it was irregular.”

He added that Governor Sanwo-Olu would never misappropriate public funds contrary to his oath of office.


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