Lagos denies state funding to Sanwo-Olu's legal dispute

Lagos adopts Aumentum Land Administration solution

As part of its strategy to strengthen seamless and integrated land administration processes in the state, the Lagos State Government has adopted Aumentum Land Administration, an automated process to digitize and secure land documents.

The Permanent Secretary of the Department of Lands, Kamal Olowoshago, disclosed this while reviewing the activities of the department at a press conference at his office in Alausa.

Olowoshago said the Aumentum solution as a digitalized process will enable the government to automate land record management and facilitate the registration of real estate transactions in a more chronologically controlled and transparent manner. . He said digital inventions will simplify the way countries manage land information and property tax revenue.

According to him, “state governments have joined the league of global leaders by following technology-driven management processes.” He said that by implementing the Aumentum land management solution, the state will be assured of increased productivity, increased revenue, security of documents, etc.

The Permanent Secretary acknowledged that land administration in Lagos State has progressed step by step and across the board over the decades towards comprehensive and sustainable technology integration.

He tracks the evolution of state land management, tracing the trajectory from the introduction of electronic document management systems (EDMS) in 2013 to electronic certificates of occupancy in 2014 to the integrated land management automation process introduced in 2019. I pointed out that there is. To provide insurmountable standards in land management across the country.

He commended the administration of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu for taking bold steps in this regard. Mr. Olowoshago further added that this transformation included the movement of files from the three major directorate repositories to the digitization project campus, the preliminary classification of files into government plans and private property, and the transfer of transaction files across the state’s 20 local councils. This includes the classification of private property files. You can merge root title processing files and subsequent transactions as encumbrances, or unbind titles and deeds from registered volumes for chronological sorting.

He also noted that to speed up the digitization process, the department has hired around 100 temporary staff to carry out the enormous task of converting manual documents, which initially existed in disparate format, into digital format. revealed.

However, Olowoshago noted that the sheer transformation of manual paper documentation and record archiving was transformed during the study period with the transition to digital workflow machines to improve the customer service delivery experience and enhance revenue generation. encapsulated and streamlined asset documentation.


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