Kwara Fire Station warns against setting up shop under power lines

The Kwara State Fire Marshal, Prince Folde John Olumuyiwa, has warned residents of the state not to set up shops or houses under power lines.

He gave this warning while reacting to the fire incident in Ilorin, the state capital, caused by the cutting of a 33KVA power line.

Spokesperson of the Ilorin State Fire Service, Hassan Adekunle, said the incident occurred at around 2am on Tuesday at the Peak Hotel junction next to the Kwara State Rural Electrification Board in Ita Alam area of ​​Ilorin South Local Government Area. He said he did. , located in the state capital.

“Upon arrival, firefighters effectively extinguished the fire, which was caused by a break in the 33KV power line, which consumed six metal kiosks and affected two stores,” he added.

Subsequently, the Kwara State Fire Marshal, Prince Farade John, issued a public warning against locating shops and residences under power lines due to the potential danger to life and property.


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