Abducted Nigerian woman traumatized after kidnappers killed two victims in her presence

A Nigerian woman, Opara Nwaka Euphemia, who was kidnapped by kidnappers, was reportedly left traumatized after witnessing her kidnappers kill two victims.

A friend, Ruth Onetemize Suowari, who disclosed this in a Facebook post on Tuesday, November 21, 2023, said Euphemia regained her freedom after her family paid the ransom demanded by the kidnappers.

She also shared a photo of the victim taken by the kidnappers and sent to family members.

“My friend, Opara Nwaka Euphemia was kidnapped last night. She has just regained her freedom, after her family paid a ransom. Please disregard any calls/messages from any of her phone numbers demanding any money. ATM cards and her phone number were collected from her. The photo below was taken by her kidnappers and sent to her family last night. She is home now, but traumatized by what she went through and saw (two people were killed in her presence). Please let’s be careful out there, there is so much evil and crime on earth. May God forbid,” she wrote.

Source: www.lindaikejisblog.com

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