Mr. Cano: The Court of Appeal's decision is the CSO's fault

Kano State Governor Yusuf denies dismissal of SSG Bichi

Kano State Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf has spoken for the first time months after the rumored sacking of Abdullahi Buffa Bichi, the state SSG chief.

“I heard some good-for-nothings speaking with full authority on a local radio show that there was a fatal blow between me and the SSG,” the governor said.

“Some unemployed people consider politics as a source of livelihood. They always try to create rumors to cause unnecessary tension, but this time they failed miserably.”

The Governor explained that the SSG is currently recuperating from an illness and intends to take over his duties as soon as he returns and continue from where he left off.

“Just because we appointed the national secretary as acting SSG does not mean we have fired Bichi. Due to its sensitive nature, this position cannot be left vacant,” he said.

Governor Yusuf addressed the government's African House on Tuesday while swearing in new permanent secretaries and special assistants, saying no amount of propaganda would stop the government from achieving its desired goals. .


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