Kaduna bombing: Enough of killing Northerners recklessly - Arewa youths speak to Tinubu, Shettima

Kaduna bombing: Enough of killing Northerners recklessly – Arewa youths speak to Tinubu, Shettima

The Arewa Youth Consultative Council called for an end to the killing of innocent civilians in the north.

The council said the airstrike that killed villagers celebrating Maulud in Tudumbiri area of ​​Kaduna state on Sunday was an unforgivable crime against humanity.

The Chairman of the Council, Zaid Ayuba Alhaji, made the remarks in an open letter to President Bola Tinubu and Vice President Kassim Shettima.

Ayuba called for an immediate investigation and disciplinary action against those behind the “mistake” that led to the airstrike.

He also called for compensation to the victims of the incident through an authoritative apology.

The letter, titled “We have had enough of the repeated reckless killings of innocent civilians in northern Nigeria,” reads in part: SAW) Located in Tudun Biri, Igabi LGA of Kaduna State.

“The bombardment of Ariel, believed to have been carried out by the Nigerian Air Force, is an unforgivable crime against humanity. It is not the first time that such airstrikes have killed or injured civilians, but since it is happening in the north, everything is kept in the dark.

“Recall that in 2020, a military aircraft dropped a bomb that landed on a compound, killing several civilians. Also, in April 2021, a fighter jet “accidentally” struck a Nigerian soldier. It was claimed that the bombing had killed more than 20 officers.

“Similar shelling was carried out in July 2022, including in Safana Local Government Area of ​​Katsina State.

“What kind of airstrikes would occur without proper intelligence information and efficient strategic analysis? Who has the decision-making authority, and who is currently responsible for such brutal recklessness? Who are they? How can we continue to tolerate these deaths due to the so-called “mistakes” of those who are supposed to protect our lives?

“Sir, we are telling you this because we are confident that millions of Northerners will not care how favorable or unfavorable your appointments, policies, and style of governance are. However, such a bitter incident is condemnable. We demand an immediate investigation for disciplinary action and compensation, and an authoritative apology.

“As we patiently await speeches from the Vice President, the National Security Adviser, the Interior Minister, the Defense Minister, and even the military chiefs, we feel:
There is a need to question each office's ability to act as an effective administrator.

“Sir, this letter conveys to you the heartbreaking message of the people of the North, and I hope that you will understand the great anger, dissatisfaction, and public anger of the people.”

Source: dailypost.ng

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