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Kaduna airstrike: UN condemns killing of civilians by Nigerian military

The United Nations has condemned an airstrike on a community in northern Nigeria that killed several civilians due to a misreading of events on the ground.

DAILY POST reports that a Nigerian military drone targeting insurgents in northwestern Kaduna state accidentally killed at least 85 civilians, sparking an uproar over one of the country's biggest military bombings. .

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu on Tuesday ordered an investigation after the military admitted that a military drone mistakenly attacked the town of Tudun Biri, where residents were celebrating an Islamic festival. Ta.

The United Nations human rights office condemned the incident, adding that it was the latest of at least four bombings that have caused significant civilian casualties since 2017.

“While we note that authorities are calling the deaths of civilians accidental deaths, we will continue to take all steps to ensure that civilians and civilian infrastructure are protected,” UN Human Rights Office Spokesperson Seif Magango said in a statement. We urge them to take actionable measures,” the statement said. .

“They need to review their rules of engagement and standard operating procedures to prevent incidents like this from happening again.”

Source: dailypost.ng

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