Jigiwa Local Government Spends N540 Million on Renovation of Guesthouse | Jigiwa Local Government Guardian Nigeria News

Jigiwa Local Government Spends N540 Million on Renovation of Guesthouse | Jigiwa Local Government Headline News

Jigawa State local government chairmen are set to spend N540 million on the renovation of guesthouses in the state capital.

This was made clear in the 2024 state budget. The 27 municipalities proposed N3.4 billion for the renovation of security vehicles and guesthouses.

Each chairperson allocated N106 million for two Toyota Hilux vehicles for “security operations”, making the total for the state N2.9 billion.

In addition, a budget of 20 million Naira each was earmarked for the renovation of guesthouses in the capital Dutse, bringing the total amount to 540 million Naira.

These expenditures are part of the N109 billion budget for local governments submitted to the State House of Assembly.

Chairman of the House Committee on Appropriations, Ibrahim Adamu, disclosed the details while making a submission to Speaker Haruna Aliyu.

Last Thursday, Parliament passed a budget of N109 billion for local councils and N298 billion for state governments.

Mr. Aliyu explained that the state budget of N298.14 billion submitted by Governor Umaru Namadi to the House of Assembly was different from the local government budget of N298.14 billion, adding that the local government budget needs to be passed by Parliament before it can be passed into law. He pointed out that only the consent of

“The Committee notes that the amount of N106,393,395.00 provided by each local government council, a total of N2,872,621,665.00 was provided by the local governments for the purchase of two Toyota Hilux vehicles in each local government for security operations. “We found this,” Adam said in the report.

“The committee confirmed that the provision of N20,000,000 per local government amounted to N540,000,000 just for the renovation of the Local Government Council Guest House in Dutse.”

According to the State House of Assembly report containing the breakdown of local government expenditure, the breakdown shows that the State House of Assembly will spend N1.35 billion (50 million each) to construct two midwifery centers in each local government area. It is also shown that he approved the Naira).

The report also includes 540 million naira approved as a donation for the purchase of nine Toyota Hilux vehicles for district inspectors in the state.

The Local Government Assembly’s expenditure bill includes over N41.3 billion for capital expenditure, over N24.6 billion for miscellaneous expenses and N5.4 billion in contingency funds.

The salaries of local government employees were set at N12.9 billion and the salaries of local education authorities (teachers) were set at N21.4 billion. The salaries of key health workers were set at 3.3 billion naira.

The Jigawa Assembly also cut funding for education in the state, where thousands of children are out of school, the report said.

The House also made substantive provisions for the purchase of a new vehicle for the Speaker, the construction of a new guesthouse for him in Abuja, and the renovation of a member's guesthouse in neighboring Kano state.

The allocation of N540 million for the renovation of guesthouses has been widely condemned by civil society organizations and the general public.

Meanwhile, the Confederation of Civil Society Organizations in Jigawa (COCSIJ) has submitted a petition to the state governor, Muhammad Badu Abubakar, asking him to intervene and stop the renovation work.

Source: guardian.ng

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