It is not okay - Nigerian doctor berates men in altar-bound relationships who lead other women on

A UK-based Nigerian doctor, Obinna Aligwekwe, has said he has no curse hindering his progress because he has never induced any woman to promise marriage as a bachelor.

“Well, although the common man tends to do that. It is not right to lead a woman when you have a relationship that is tied to the altar,” he wrote in a Facebook post on Thursday, November 23.

Yes I know. Women do it too, and sometimes theirs is even more devious.

No woman can stand up today and say that I, Obinna, led her on a wild goose chase as suuu single.

If I liked you, that was it.

If it were due to talent, it would be clear.

If I had gone too far and wanted to retreat, it would be done soon.

That’s why I don’t have any curses stopping my progress.

99.9% of the time, the ladies at any time “T” knew where we were, especially the ones who weren’t getting confused thinking they were messing with me.


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