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Inuwa Yahaya recognized for leadership and commitment to progress

Engineer Tony J. Nakare, Entrepreneur and CEO of TONAK Media Consultancy and Entertainment, commends Governor Inuwa Yahaya for his unwavering dedication to fostering unity and promoting the welfare of Gombe State residents. did.

In a statement released recently, Tony J. Nakare Construction Company praised the heartwarming act of Governor Inuwa Yahaya who generously donated millions of naira to the Christian community who visited the Gombe State House on Christmas Day. .

“Governor Yahaya's active participation and moving speech left a lasting impact, spreading joy and friendship among all those present,” Nakare said.

Governor Inuwa Yahaya’s leadership extends beyond celebratory events and has delivered consistent results across various sectors in Gombe State. Notably, his contribution to Gombe's presentation of potential, education, poverty alleviation and medical advancements greatly propelled the state's overall development.

He said that as Chairman of the Northeastern Governors Forum, Governor Yahaya played a pivotal role in promoting regional cooperation and development. Looking ahead, it is clear that his extended term until 2027 promises a brighter future for the people of Gombe State.

“With his visionary approach and proven track record, Governor Inuwa Yahaya is poised to become the best governor in the history of the state and leave an indelible mark on the progress and prosperity of the state,” Nakale said. .

In line with the principles of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Governor Inuwa Yahaya emphasizes good governance, economic development and social welfare. “With his dedication to service and exemplary leadership, he became a beacon of hope for the people of Gombe State and set a standard for effective governance that will be remembered for years to come.”


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