Insecurity: Adamawa community bans scavenging and restricts movement

Ulocheke, a vast residential area in Yola South Local Government Area of ​​Adamawa State, has banned garbage collectors from operating within its territory.

Community leaders also banned people from entering the area from 11 p.m. unless prior permission is sought and granted.

A stakeholder meeting on Monday ordered local vigilante groups and community leaders to implement the order immediately.

Mr. Alhaji Saad Mohammed, the Oulocheke village chief, gave the order after a meeting where he discussed the recent abduction of an architect and a journalist living in the area.

Usman Sahabi, a reporter for Adamawa Broadcasting Station, was abducted from his home in Urocheke two weeks ago and held captive for six days before being released.

Mayor Urochekke said it is incumbent on all local residents to raise security awareness and ensure the safety of the community by providing vital information to vigilante groups, police and other security agencies that will help flush out criminals from the community. said that it is the duty of

He warned criminal informants to refrain from their activities or relocate from the community.

In separate statements, the divisional police officer in charge of Yola South, Mohammed Sani, and Urocheke divisional crime officer Gabriel Marx, appealed to the public for assistance in checking the activities of criminals.

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