Imo community protests against closure of polytechnic campus

Indigenous people in Ehime Mbano Local Government Area of ​​LMO state yesterday held a peaceful protest against the closure of the State University of Technology campus in the area.

Protests broke out during the day, with hundreds of residents voicing their concerns over the current government's decisions.

A resident who prefers anonymity told DAILY POST, “Rochas gave us this polytechnic and Hope Uzodimma closed it down. But some people may be happier at Hope than Rochas. No,” the source said, reflecting mixed feelings in the community.

The frustration of the demonstrators was clear as they marched through the streets holding placards and chanting slogans. Anonymous sources further explained the community's grievances, highlighting what they perceive to be an inequitable distribution of educational institutions across the state.

“Hope converted his headquarters in Umuagwo into a university. Instead of moving his headquarters to Ehime Mbano Headquarters or Orlu Headquarters, he established a new head office in the village Oyume within the same Orlu zone. What's the logic behind changing direction to close the university?'' he asked.

The official elaborated on regional disparities, noting that other states in Nigeria have a more equitable distribution of institutions and facilities.

“Even within Imo State, Okigwe area is in a particularly disadvantageous situation. If campuses are to be closed, why not Oyume’s newest campus? There are three state universities in Imo and one in Orlu Zone. Imo has a teaching hospital in Orlu, two in Owerri zone and none in Okigwe zone.

“Virtually all federal tertiary institutions are in Owerri and Orlu. Who speaks truth to power? God is watching. God is watching. God knows. He will reward you.”

The protests highlight broader issues of neglect and alienation felt by people in Ehime Mbano and the wider Okigwe region.

As the community continues to seek answers and demand justice, the Imo State government’s decision and its impact on local development continues to be in the spotlight.

The peaceful demonstration ended without any reported incidents of violence, reflecting the community's commitment to defending their rights through non-violent means.

But underlying tensions and unresolved issues suggest further action could follow if the administration does not address protesters' concerns.

The unfolding situation calls for an urgent dialogue between the state government and the affected communities to ensure fair and equitable development across Imo State.


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