Ignore the claims of a one-party state: President tells Nigerians

The Presidency has called on Nigerians to ignore insinuations that President Bola Tinubu is trying to install “loyalists” as Resident Electoral Commissioners (RECs) to impose a one-party state.

Bayo Onanuga, Special Assistant to the President on Information and Strategy, said this in a statement titled “PDP, Atiku raises misinformation.”

Mr. Onanuga added that during President Tinubu’s tenure as governor, many state initiatives made great strides and his track record as a democrat and ardent supporter of the rule of law was recognized on a global scale. .

“This is the responsibility of his control of the political system in Lagos and not of undemocratic acts as Atiku Abubakar would like the public to believe.”

Spokespeople for the PDP and Atiku Abubakar had questioned the independence of the judiciary and criticized Tinubu in separate statements.

According to the statement, “The PDP, the former vice president and his spokesperson are blatantly desperate to push the issue to President Tinubu and the judiciary, an important branch of the Nigerian government. “Following the unsatisfactory performance of certain state governors,” the Court of Appeals said.

“By shifting the blame elsewhere, Atiku and his group have failed to show that they went through any self-reflection before making serious, fabricated, careless and reckless allegations. .

“We witnessed how, under his watch, the PDP governor of Osun defeated APC at the Supreme Court. Similarly, the PDP governor of Bauchi also defeated APC at the Court of Appeal.”

Onanuga said the PDP’s gains have been nullified by some courts due to the party’s blatant disregard for the law.

Source: dailypost.ng

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