Yoruba Nation: Sunday Igboho finally back in Nigeria (VIDEO)

Igboho State on Sunday drags Gani Adams to court demanding compensation of 500 million naira.

Yoruba Nation activist Sunday Adeyemo alias Sunday Igboho has dragged the Aare Onakakanfo of Yorubaland, Iba Gani Adams, to court for alleged defamation.

Igboho, through a team of lawyers led by JASanusi, dragged Adams to the Oyo High Court in Ibadan.

Separatist leaders prayed that the court would award Adams 500 million Norwegians in damages for the alleged defamation.

Igboho said Adams, in a 2021 audio conversation, accused him of being a serial killer and assassin of top politicians, including President Bola Tinubu.

Among other things, Ms. Igboho prayed for “an order of the court for the payment of punitive and aggravated damages in the sum of five hundred million naira (N500,000,000 Naira) in favor of the plaintiff for defamation of the plaintiff's person by the defendant.” The total legal costs are Ten Million Naira (N10,000,000.00). ”

The legal proceedings filed by Sanusi quote Adams as saying: “I did not oppose Igboho until he befriended Tinubu. As you know, as the Aare Onakakanfo of Yorubaland, I am informed from various angles.

“According to information received by me, he was with the Chief of Staff to the Lagos State Governor, Tayo Ayinde, last night. You know that they are using him (Tayo Ayinde) to coordinate. He was paid with the position of Chief of Staff.

“He was a former member of the SSS (State Security Service). He was given money to recruit criminals. Politicians use him (Sunday Igboho) to attack people … Tinubu will not show up. He will call the Chief of Staff.

“Tinubu gave them 50 million but Tayo Ayinde took 5 million from that money. He donated 45 million naira on Sunday. Don’t believe what he says, he Tinubu came and said he should become president.

“I don’t know why people in the diaspora believed him (Sunday Igboho). Don’t believe him at all. He collects money everywhere as a politician. He is cunning and a fraud. uses social media only to bring support to himself…Sunday asked the media to lie against me. He supports me openly and opposes me behind my back. . Don't support him. He can't be trusted.

“Tinubu already promised to give him a house in Lekki and N200 million. He is just an entertainer. Tinubu was using Sunday to get tickets from Buhari. It is Tinubu who uses Sunday He is the most dangerous man in Oyo State.

“I'm not talking about Lagos. If you look at the money, there's no one you can't kill. According to confirmed reports, I'm not sure, but he was one of the people who assassinated Bola Ige along with Furyo. left Lagos at 2:45 a.m. after collecting 45 million naira. Tinubu asked 10 million boys to work with Sunday to get rid of me… Sunday has countless murders. There was an incident in which he was able to clear his name.

“Several of his sons are currently in prison on various murder trials. Some of his sons have already been sentenced to life in prison. He used his political power to prove it.”

However, Igboho denied the charges and asked the court to declare the content of the audio clip to be a defamation of his character.

Lawyers for the Yoruba Nation agitators said: “The defendant (Gani Adams) defames, defames and discredits the character and reputation of the plaintiff in the audio clip published on all new media platforms including YouTube. “This is illegal, inappropriate, and unacceptable.” In a publication made between the defendant and his third party, Mr. Manjo Nuru, around November 2021. ”

They likewise sought an order of this honorable court directing the defendants to publicly retract the defamatory, defamatory and defamatory material contained in the publication against Nur Banjo. “Additionally, Plaintiff has been defamed, slandered, defamed, and published on all new media platforms, including YouTube.” Disparaged by Defendant in a conversation that Defendant made public in November 2021. ”

Source: dailypost.ng

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