I will never and will never be interested in your money

Peter Idehen, the ex-husband of Patience Patra Idehen, the lady who ran the once popular brand Face of Beauty Nigeria, has broken his silence just two months after she came online to accuse him and his family of fleecing her of everything she she had and abandoning her and her children.

In the video she shared, Patra said she married her husband when they were both still students at the University of Benin. Although she was a student at the time, she was making a lot of money from her beauty brand. She said that as her partner was just a regular student and did not earn any money, she became the breadwinner and did so with great joy.

She said they started dating in 2017 and got married in 2018 while still in school and later welcomed two children in quick succession.

Patra said the problems began last year when she bought a car in her name, which angered her ex-husband. She said she noticed that her ex-husband's face changed then, as did his actions towards her. She said her ex-husband advised her to sell her new car, so she did so and invested the money in running the house. Later, they needed money again and, as an understanding wife, she had to sell the house she was building. She said it was her ex-husband's aunt who bought the house.

She stated that her ex-husband then told her that he wanted to do a course and that he needed about one million Naira. It was the last money she had and she gave it to him.

Patra said that after traveling out of the country to study, he sent her a message that he would not be returning and that he had already ended their marriage since 2019, when they were just a year into their marriage. She added that he also abandoned her two children and she had to beg to feed them.

In a video he released online, Peter denied abandoning Patra and their children. According to him, he traveled to move around, but he always checked on Patra and the children and she always said everything was fine with them.

''First of all, I didn't abandon you and the children. I am not. When I left, it was to take care of you and the children. Even though we are no longer together, I never abandoned my responsibility and I am sorry if you perceived it that way because we are no longer together and you alone have to take care of the children. I understood that. Many things happened that I was not aware of.

First of all, we didn't even have that communication. We weren't talking on the phone. We communicate via text. Everything you were telling me was over text. When I asked how you are, you said you were fine, so I didn't even know the depth of what you were going through.''

Responding to the claim that he married Patra because she had money, Peter said;

''I knew you had a car, but I didn't know how much money you had. I thought you were a tempting baby. If you saw a girl who had nice hair and a nice phone, would you think she was a millionaire? This is the normal thing that girls try to have. It was after we got married that you started telling me the depth… I didn't know all these things before we got married. We were in love and that's what led to marriage. Not for any other factor. No way. I am a Bini man. I'm proud. You know from the beginning that I have never been and will never be interested in your money. I have my pride.

Due to the age issue, I knew you were older than me, but I didn't care. I am a Bini man. In my culture, a woman (wife) should not be older than her husband unless we are siblings. In any relationship, the woman should not be older than the man in Bini culture. So those things didn’t bother me at all.”

Peter denied claims that he asked people to go online to insult her.

''You are a very good human being, Pat. When we were together, you were good to me. You are a good mother. I know how hard you tried for your family when we were together. You are very sacrificial.

Responding to allegations that he only sent her N5000 for the maintenance of her children, Peter said that was all he had at the time. He apologized for all the suffering and pain she currently faces.

Watch the video he shared below…

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