I have no regrets about choosing Nifl as my successor - Umahi

Former Ebonyi State Governor and Minister of Works, David Umahi, has stressed that he has no regrets in choosing Governor Francis Nwihuru as his successor.

Umahi disclosed this while addressing stakeholders at a dinner organized by Nwihuru in honor of former members of the State Executive Council held at the Old Government House in Abakaliki.

Umahi said he had “cleaned the Government House very well and didn’t forget anything” before leaving office five months ago.

He said he had made many enemies in the cause of carrying out his job as governor and in the fight to install Mr Nwihuru as his successor in the 2023 general elections.

No member of parliament from the state vowed to fight Nwihuru and threatened to suspend anyone who tried.

Umahi further urged the governor to be wary of some people, noting that it is time to reap where one has sown.

“We will know who is APC during the next election,” he added.

In response, Nwihuru commended Umahi for his contribution to the building of a modern Ebonyi nation.

He stressed that no one can come between him and the former governor.

“Our enemy has to go to work, but the devil is a liar,” Nwiful pointed out.

Source: dailypost.ng

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