"I don't fear death," says Teebillz as he reveals the only thing he fears

I can understand TBL well. Id y Tiwa left u and the boy wizi went to rape, I’m afraid he’s afraid of women. Even if u are after his fame and happiness, he will consider himself above u and will work as if he does not have to work on others to leave u and commit fornication and prostitution. May God never put a woman above u, otherwise u will be in a mess and shame. We are only human, no matter how rich or wealthy we are, we seek to marry a poor woman. We all need good manners. We continue to improve the lives of the families of the poor and the weak, which we marry. Of course, God has placed men far ahead of women in success. Imagine that women are far more successful than men, only 2% of marriages will survive. We are useless women today, completely useless, shameless, disobedient and irreproachable. Cooked ungodly tiwa lashed out at TBL for spreading lies against dozens of weddings. Woman ciiam, obirin, kai. What happened to him at the end of d. Gbam came out of her sex machine where she was doing prostitution. For this reason she left her husband, so that he could play with different people at liberty. May God punish all women exposed to such an attitude. It will never be so bad for everyone.

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You are right about “…Tiwa’s cruelest cooked ungodly lie against TBL is just to break up the marriage…” That’s what women do. Kill as you want to cultivate a man; once he believes he has enough money to take care of himself and doesn’t need you anymore, he will indulge his taste in different d**s (taste men don’t know women have, like most men have. taste for “tasting” different p***es) . Then he cooks up lies against you (“he doesn’t care about me”, etc.) so that he can get out of the marriage / relationship and not look like a whore in the process – and enjoy the other d. **ks in “peace”.

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