'I Didn't Ask to Be Saved' Reality Show Star Who Attempted Suicide Calls on Her Helpers

Sunshine Chiamaka Obinweaku, a Nigerian reality TV star, has called out those who stopped her from taking her life.

Sunshine, who participated in the reality show Film House Africa, reportedly attempted suicide by hanging herself (read here).

She took selfies of herself in the process and sent them to her colleagues, including Rosie Afuwape, winner of the reality show Ultimate Love.

Sunshine, also known as SunshineDeJewel, returned to social media to open up about her suicide attempt.

She wrote, “I didn’t ask to be saved. With too much hate, I can’t exist with all your curses and I’m not asking for your help. Maintain your influence and popularity.”

Rosie claimed that Sunshine has been threatening suicide for some time and all of her former co-stars helped her financially but became fed up after she refused to work when they helped her get a job (read here).

Sunshine has been detailing her struggles on her page for months as she expresses her desire to be famous and return to the TV screen.

Her IG posts were mostly happy content and videos of her skits, until June 2023, when she started yelling at her ex-husband while announcing that her marriage to him was over.

In many of the posts, she alleged that her ex-husband, who she claims was a security guard, subjected her to domestic violence.

She also said in a post: “I am second hand and no man will marry a divorcee who exposed her story to the world.”

She added in June that she made a mistake by marrying for love and that she could die soon.

She then advised single women to “look carefully before you come in.”

She also apologized to all the friends she abandoned when she got married. She begged to remember to come back because she needs them.

See some of his posts below.

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