“I am changing lives through financial literacy.”

“I am changing lives through financial literacy.”

Sola Adesakin’s journey is a testament to personal transformation and financial empowerment. As a respected finance coach, author, and mentor, she simplifies money management and guides individuals to financial milestones. With degrees from institutions such as Oxford’s Brookes University and Edinburgh’s School of Business, she combines her academic rigor with her personal experience. Sora’s expertise, honed by overcoming her financial challenges, has empowered others to become debt free. Her contributions also extend to her writing career, with her eight books and numerous articles on financial literacy. Recognitions such as her Women In a world where formal education is often inadequate, Sola’s commitment to financial literacy continues to transform lives around the world. Her story illustrates the power of her personal commitment to financial education and creates a legacy of empowerment. In this interview with her ESTHER IJEWERE she tells her own story.

Reflecting on being named one of Nigeria’s 100 most inspirational women
This honor is a deep recognition of my efforts to improve financial literacy. This represented the culmination of years of work to enable individuals and business owners, especially women and children, and household units to achieve financial independence. Each seminar, workshop, and book is a stepping stone towards this realization.
Challenges in finance coaching and how to overcome them

Throughout my career, challenges have ranged from dispelling financial myths in various cultural contexts to addressing skepticism around financial education. Perhaps the biggest hurdle was explaining the tangible value of financial literacy. I overcame these challenges by decisively demonstrating the real impact of sound financial management through success stories, interactive training, and relatable content. My books and courses are not just theoretical but practical, bridging the gap between financial concepts and everyday financial decision-making.

The inspiration behind the book and its influence
The inspiration for my writing came from my own financial transformation and a desire to share the knowledge that facilitated it. I realized that financial literacy is a lifelong journey and I need to start early. The impact of my book was incredibly humbling. They have helped countless individuals reshape their financial mindset and develop the skills to build a more secure future. It’s about providing others with the same tools that have helped me manage my finances and, by extension, my life.

Key principles for becoming financially wealthy
The core strategies I advocate are rooted in education, practical application, and sound money thinking. Education is fundamental and understanding how money works is important. I emphasize making a plan and sticking to it, no matter how little your income is. Creating diversified income streams and investing wisely are key to building resilience. Always plan for the long term, not just for immediate gratification. And finally, believe that money is a tool to live a great life. It is an inanimate object, but you are a living being. Therefore, you are smarter and more intelligent than money. Don’t let it control you.

Women’s influence x scholarships
The Women X Scholarship has given me the opportunity to expand my scope of work. It provided me with the resources and platform to deepen my commitment to financial education. The scholarship also allowed me to connect with other like-minded people and expand my perspective on global financial practices.

Current projects beyond financial coaching
Beyond what we are currently doing with Smart Stewards, we are focused on expanding our digital learning platforms and tools to make financial education more accessible to Africans at home and in the diaspora. I am also involved in several initiatives aimed at promoting entrepreneurship among women and youth, recognizing that economic independence is important for empowerment. Through the FRUIT Foundation, we provide underprivileged women with the skills and tools to build successful companies that not only meet their needs but also contribute to society.

Challenges in financial education
Key challenges include combating financial illiteracy, cutting through the noise to reach those most in need, and continually adapting our message to resonate with audiences around the world. included. Additionally, providing up-to-date and effective guidance in response to the ever-changing financial landscape remains a key challenge.

3 inspiring women
My answer to this question is to instead mention three groups of women who have inspired me. The first women in my life who influenced me were my mother and her two aunts, all of whom lived together. They taught me hard work and resilience.

The second is a group of my spiritual sisters called AsSisters. They have been a source of strength and growth for 13 years as we navigated life’s ups and downs together, sharpening and strengthening each other along the way and celebrating each outcome as it materialized.

The third category is the mentors who have provided valuable guidance in my spiritual, career, and business endeavors.

Each group taught me principles that guide my life and work.

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