How convicting Donald Trump could lead to his reelection

How convicting Donald Trump could lead to his reelection

The weeks-long hush money lawsuit, which cost a staggering $2 million, ended in disappointment for Donald Trump and his inner circle, especially Sen. Chris LaCivita, Sen. Marco Rubio, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and Trump's legions of supporters around the world.

Republican candidate Donald Trump was found guilty on 34 charges in total for making payments to porn actress Stormy Daniels (whose real name is Stephanie Gregory Clifford) to mislead voters ahead of the 2016 US presidential election. The ignominious verdict makes Trump the first former US president in the history of the US justice system to be convicted.

History must have been made by presiding judge Juan Marchan, who read the closing arguments and whom Trump called a “tyrant.” History must have been made by the 12 jurors drawn from New York City who unanimously found Trump guilty. Stormy Daniels, the central figure in the case who declared that she “can't wait to see Trump in jail,” also clearly wrote her own story. This shameful verdict, which caused an uproar within the Republican Party, will, fortunately, help Trump win the polls in November, for reasons that I will explain below.

First, Trump did a very good job during his time in office. His accomplishments ranged from social welfare, tax cuts, low inflation, zero wars, and zero terrorism. The average annual inflation rate during his administration was 1.9%, far lower than Biden's 3.36%. As a perceptive and sensitive economic planner who understands the dangers of inflation, Trump worked hard to make common expenses like groceries and gas very affordable.

He improved the overall economic well-being of the American people by stimulating the economy and providing more aid. When you compare the average year-over-year inflation rate of 9.9% under President Jimmy Carter's administration from 1977 to 1981 to 1.9% under the Trump administration (2017-2020) or Joe Biden's current rate of 3.36%, it's clear who Americans will vote for in November.

Given President Trump's $2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, it's clear who Americans will vote for. So not only are Americans benefiting greatly from President Trump's policies, but he continues to use his record and crackdown on illegal immigration as a slogan for his reelection.

The second reason this ruling is a victory for Trump is that despite being booed by a small group at the Libertarian rally in the Bronx, Trump has the love, loyalty and respect of many of his supporters. There is a widespread myth that only a fighting spirit like Trump can protect the American people from terrorism and make the country great again. This was the catalyst for the 2020 riots at the U.S. Capitol.

Governance is fundamentally about what the rulers take from the ruled, not about impoverishing and enslaving them. Trump prioritized employment opportunities and strongly opposed immigrants taking jobs from Americans. This issue is closely related to illegal immigration into the United States, and Trump plans to tackle this issue as soon as he returns to the White House.

Mass shootings (such as the May 1995 mass shooting in Ohio) and rapes are becoming increasingly prevalent in the United States, and Americans feel that the current administration is not doing enough to address them and are extremely concerned about the public welfare.

Third, the fact that Trump was persecuted and wrongfully convicted is deeply etched on many people's brows. A critical examination of Trump's relationship with the current administration gives a sense of the interference of politics in the trial. Trump's assertions that the charges against him are false and that the verdict was “rigged” and “politically motivated” to remove him from the November vote continue to reverberate in the minds of many Americans, shaping their emotions and worldview. Moreover, the humiliation he endured at the hands of his detractors in a frosty Manhattan courtroom and the psychological trauma he inflicted on his family, especially his wife Melania, brought tears to many homes. All of this is a boost to voting.

Defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Regarding the Trump-Daniels case, exposed by a whistleblower and sold to the Manhattan District Attorney, none of us were at the scene of the crime and only God and Day and Night could reveal the truth if it were a physical entity.

It's pretty creepy for a porn star to testify against someone as important as Trump. What motivated Stormy Daniels? Whether she was lying or telling the truth, and whether Trump would have accepted it all as true, I have a strong feeling that Stormy Daniels was motivated by people who hated Trump to take a storm in Manhattan and get some recognition.

Instead, Trump is paying the price for his excesses, his snobbish attitude, his arrogance, and his thoughtless comments about people and places. He will surely be voted for in large numbers by blacks, whites, and people of color in November. As a convicted man, Trump risks running for president from prison, serving his trial in prison if he wins the election, and spending the rest of his life there when he is sentenced on July 11. However, his age, the cost of prison care, and the fact that such a sentence has never been given to any former US president before make it likely that he will not be able to be sentenced.

The owners of skyscrapers and golf courses are not happy about Trump's conviction, the billionaires are not happy, and neither are the storms and lightning that took 34 cows and about 30 lives in the US as the hush money trial drew to a close in May. Tensions are rising in the US. Biden is busy hitting the buzzer. State prosecutors want new charges against Trump associates, and some of them have already gone to prison. “The clouds are thickening” in the US. With his son convicted, his father vows not to pardon him.

Who knows how many bubbles will burst and how much heat will be released in the coming months. President Biden should consider pardoning Trump rather than publicly scathing him, just as Trump recently did by loosening immigration policies to favor black immigrants. Trump's determination to accept and appeal any sentence shows he is a visionary leader ready to rebuild America.

In conclusion of this article, I would like to say that Trump's experience should be a lesson for countries that have corrupted and degraded their justice systems and have dysfunctional systems. President Biden's administration is commendable. It shows the level of health of the United States, represents a functioning system, and portrays a well-organized society. However, Donald Trump can do better. In the future, America will print the photos of Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. and Donald John Trump on the $5 million and $10 million bills, respectively.

Sola wrote from Port Harcourt.


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