Hisbah steals 24,000 beer bottles from truck in Kano

Hisbah steals 24,000 beer bottles from truck in Kano

The Kano State Hisbah Committee has seized two trucks loaded with over 24,000 bottles of alcoholic beverages and three other persons were arrested on Wednesday in connection with the detained trucks.

The Sharia Law Compliance Committee has revealed that the alleged owner of a prohibited beverage narrowly escaped arrest despite trying to bribe officials.

Briefing journalists on the development on Wednesday, Deputy Assistant Commander-in-Chief of the Intelligence Crime Dispatch, Malam Fuad Dorai, said the board will not relent in the fight against public order violators in the province.

“The culprits were four people, including the driver of a large truck carrying over 24,000 assorted bottles of beer,” Dry said.

“The other people were the owner of the goods and two other people. The owner of the goods ran away trying to bribe us but failed. So he pretended he wanted to pick something and , escaped in the process.

“At one point, the driver complained that the car had some defects, but we were eventually able to arrest the driver and two others.”

Mr. Dorai urged residents to always bring vehicles carrying suspicious products to the Hisbah Committee, especially along Kano/Zaria Road, Kano/Dai-Marmfashi Road, Kano/Katsina Road, Kano/Maiduguri Road, Kano/Hadejia Road, etc. encouraged to report.

While officials patrolled the confiscated drinks at Hisbah headquarters, Abba Saeed Sufi, director-general of Miscellaneous Beer, vowed to remain focused on fighting beer smuggling into the capital through neighboring provinces.

He maintained that the Hisbah Corps in the state was engaged in zero-tolerance crackdown on the smuggling of beer and liquor into Kano State along the border of the neighboring state.

However, DG Hisbah board praised the efforts of his unit in the state as collaboration with other stakeholders in the fight against beer smuggling into the state.

In 2020, Hisbah seized over one million bottles of alcoholic drinks smuggled into the city, said to be worth over N200 million.

A similar destruction of a large quantity of seized alcoholic beverages worth N100 million of various brands will be carried out in February 2022 to deter people from smuggling beverages into Kano at the risk of financial loss. Ta.

Although the amended Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria does not prohibit the sale and consumption of alcohol, the Kano State Government, by legislation under the State Penal Code 2004, prohibits the sale and distribution of all alcoholic substances within the state.

Source: guardian.ng

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