Hilda Bachi, Prada Uzodinma and others nominated for CEO under 30 award

Hilda Bachi, Prada Uzodinma and others nominated for CEO under 30 award

Nigerian chef and former Guinness World Record holder Hilda Bachi, philanthropist Prada Uzodinma and real estate entrepreneur Bright Shekoni have been nominated for the CEO Under 30 award. .

Chairperson of the awards committee, Mina Obeteng, said in a statement in Abuja on Saturday that the awards are organized by CEOs Network Africa (CNA).

Obeteng expressed the organization’s unwavering commitment to fostering the development of young African talent and highlighted the achievements of the candidates.

She said the awards’ organizers announced the list of nominations on Friday, adding that the voting process would be open until December 6.

Mr. Obeten said: “As a dedicated platform to foster the growth and recognition of great talent, CEOs Network Africa (CNA) invites the public to actively participate in the voting process.

The nominees, including Prada Uzodinma, Hilda Bati, Bright Shekoni and others, were carefully selected for their outstanding contributions as creators and business owners who exemplify unparalleled leadership, innovation and creativity. ”

Obeteng also stressed the need for public participation in the voting process, saying the voting period provides sufficient time for the public to participate and have their voices heard.

“By participating in the voting process, you become an integral part of shaping the success story of these extraordinary people.

“We believe in the power of communities to recognize and celebrate the achievements of young business leaders,” she said.

On behalf of CNA, Founding Partner and Co-Chairman of the Awards Committee, Omoja Wada, highlighted the significant impact the Awards have had on Africa’s business environment over the past five years.

Ono said: “The Under 30 CEOs Awards have served as a lighthouse shining a light on the great work of businesses and executives across the continent.

Seeing the transformative impact these awards have on the lives of young entrepreneurs is nothing short of inspiring.

The success stories of past winners are a testament to the inherent resilience and innovation of African youth.

It is this impact, this tangible result, that drives our team’s unwavering dedication to hosting this event every year. ”

He therefore encouraged the public to join organizers in showcasing Africa’s talent and efforts by voting for companies and people they think deserve recognition.

Source: guardian.ng

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