Hensard University offers international education - Professor Kumar

Hensard University offers international education – Professor Kumar

Professor Dileep Kumar, Vice-Chancellor of Hensard University, answers frequently asked questions about Hensard University, Nigeria’s international university located on the Forcados River in Tolu Orua, Bayelsa State. Why is Hensard a popular choice for students and parents?

“Anyone who chooses Hensard will benefit from the university’s uniqueness, which can be summed up in Hensard’s advantages. These are the distinct innovations the university brings to higher education,” he said in a press statement. mentioned in.

“Students at Hensard enjoy a rare combination of academic studies, practical skills, industry experience and mentorship.

Hensard aims to give students real-world experience and entrepreneurial skills.

We prepare our graduates to become entrepreneurs and wealth creators with industry-oriented skills with international standards readily available to Hensard students.

Mr. Kumar has 21 years of international experience teaching at universities in the Netherlands, Belgium, Georgia, South Africa, UAE, Bahrain, Sultanate of Oman, Ukraine, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, Morocco, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, and Cambodia. I’m here. , India said Hensard is poised to benefit from international connections and collaborations that will provide students with the advantage of being taught in an international environment for teaching and learning.

He summed up Hensard’s advantage as follows:

· Dual accreditation, international cooperation and partnerships ensure standards and expose Hensard students to eminent mentors and leaders from different fields around the world.

· Collaborations and partnerships with reputed universities, institutions and industry ensure that Hensard students gain knowledge from a variety of points.

· Global Student Exchange Program. Hensard students take courses at overseas universities as part of the dual accreditation process.

· Intertwining a rigorous academic experience with a unique opportunity to tap into global academic resources and expertise, the Worldwide Scholars Program leverages Hensard students’ exposure to the best international resources.

· A global academic network of lecturers and researchers, including the Diaspora Scholars Group, will deliver lectures in Hensard’s smart lecture halls using cutting-edge technology.

· Hensard’s Institutes and Centers of Excellence ensure that our students always have access to national and international seminars and conferences where Hensard students can stay informed of the latest developments in the international knowledge space.

· Student guidance is provided by global leaders from an international and corporate advisory board with relevant competencies in the student’s field.

· Our international board of directors, comprised of world leaders from government, academia, business, and research, provides students with a unique combination of diverse teaching experiences.

· Exposure to hands-on entrepreneurship while studying, and start-up funding for Hensard graduates through Hensard Entrepreneurship and Cooperatives, is what makes Hensard unique.

“These are carefully selected international academics with extensive experience to build a truly robust academic community of students, staff, researchers, visiting scholars, and world leaders committed to expanding the frontiers of the world. It will be coordinated by the Hensard team of faculty and staff from across the border for the upkeep of society,” Kumar said.

The University has invested in developing ethical leaders through her core values, which emphasize character and skills to develop the whole person. Hensard’s 12 core values ​​are: responsible, ethical, To guide students to become honorable citizens, leaders and servants of God and humanity.

“Hensard graduates receive ongoing guidance and support in establishing their own businesses through the Hensard University Business Support Program. We invite you to take advantage of the Hensard Advantage,” Kumar said.

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