Half of abortion facilities in Pennsylvania failed health inspection in 2023: report

Women who underwent abortions in Pennsylvania in 2023 likely did so at an abortion facility that failed a health inspection, a statewide social conservative advocacy group reports.

Last month, the Pennsylvania Family Institute highlighted reports from the Pennsylvania Department of Health document multiple health and safety violations at nine abortion facilities in 2023. According to the advocacy group, that means half of the abortion facilities in the Keystone State failed at least one of their health inspections.

These include Allentown Women's Center, Philadelphia Women's Center,
Planned Parenthood Lancaster, Planned Parenthood Norristown, Planned Parenthood Philadelphia (Comly Road), Planned Parenthood Philadelphia (Locust Street), Planned Parenthood Reading, Planned Parenthood Wilkes-Barre and Planned Parenthood York.

The Pennsylvania Family Institute is a local non-profit focused on life, family and religious freedom, encouraging citizens to participate in elections in addition to contacting legislators about pieces of legislation regarding specific policy issues.

According to a an inquiry conducted from March 10 to March 17, one of the facilities listed, the Philadelphia Women's Center, did not enter the results of a tissue analysis performed after a first-trimester abortion was entered into the medical record, as required by law .

In June, unannounced an inquiry at Planned Parenthood Keystone-York did not complete performance evaluations for three out of four of its abortion providers.

The inspection found that the facility was not in compliance with state health regulationswhich state that “Abortions must be performed only by a doctor who possesses the necessary professional skill and expertise as determined and approved by the medical facility according to appropriate procedures.”

Another one an inquiry conducted in October at Planned Parenthood Keystone-Wilkes-Barre found that the facility did not document that it met the legal requirements for obtaining informed consent from a minor for an abortion.

“A review of MR3 on October 23, 2023 revealed that this patient was a minor,” the investigation reported. “This patient and parent reviewed and signed the informed consent for medical abortion on May 2, 2023.”

“Further review of the signed informed consent revealed that no documented facility staff offered the patient the required Department of Health materials or that the patient or the patient's parent accepted or refused the state-mandated materials,” the report continued.

Dan Bartkowiak, director of communications for the Pennsylvania Family Institute, criticized the state for funding abortion facilities with reported health violations through taxpayers.

“While Gov. Josh Shapiro is busy taking money away from pro-life birth centers and pregnancy centers, he has done nothing to address the severe violations by abortion centers described in these failed inspections,” Bartkowiak said in one. statement.

In August, Governor Shapiro announced that the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services would no longer provide funding to the non-profit organization Real Alternatives effective January 1, 2024. Real Alternatives is charitable organization which connects pregnant women and new mothers with various support services, including referrals to community programs.

“Governor Shapiro's administration claims that abortion 'remains safe' in Pennsylvania, but not only is abortion unsafe for the unborn baby aborted or for women facing complications from their abortion and post-abortion trauma, it is unsafe for women when half of the abortion facilities of PA. fail health inspections,” Bartkowiak added.

Kristan Hawkins, the president of Students for Life of America, a national pro-life organization with chapters on college and high school campuses nationwide, stated that the inspection reports show that convicted Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell was not “an anomaly.”

“Corporate Abortion wants to have it both ways. They pretend they are a 'health care' operation, but fight by following laws that apply to outpatient surgery centers that should apply,” Hawkins told The Christian Post in a statement Wednesday. “And they pretend to be 'right' and 'freedom' but ignore the needs of women who are often forced to come to the evil places of the abortionists.”

“Abortion vendors are the red light district of medicine, and once again we see that those who kill people on purpose for money don't seem to care about those who are injured,” the pro-life leader continued.

In 2013, Gosnell was found responsible for the deaths of one woman and multiple babies born alive at his diseased abortion clinic. The Pennsylvania Department of State and the Pennsylvania Department of Health did not inspect the abortion clinic for more than 17 years, allowing Gosnell to perform his operations without scrutiny.

A grand jury report detailed what investigators discovered during a February 18, 2010, drug raid on the facility. Blood-stained floors and furniture, haphazardly stored fetal remains, and dirty equipment are just some of the items investigators discovered during the raid that revealed Gosnell's crimes.

Source: www.christianpost.com

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