Haimac, Okey Ayog is not subject to security investigation — Lawyer

Haimac, Okey Ayog is not subject to security investigation — Lawyer

Enugu state real estate developer Okey Ayog and his company Himac Real Limited have denied being investigated by the Directorate of Security Services (DSS) and the Nigerian Army for alleged identity theft.

The real estate company and its managing director also said that they were not involved in any capacity in the destruction of people’s properties in the state as recently alleged in online publications.

In a statement, the firm’s secretary and lawyer, Sopulchukwu Uzoigwe, said in a statement that the malicious and false articles against him, his company and its management were published because he was ancestrally involved in a shadow company of a prominent politician in Enugu State. He said this was because he refused to surrender his land. government.

Mr. Uzoigwe said the continued fight against land grabbers continued in a letter dated July 14, 2023, in which Governor Peter Mba appealed to the Enugu Metropolitan Area Development Authority that land grabbers were occupying the P/23C site. It culminated with instructions to remove the illegal structures constructed, he added. The Enugu State Housing Development Corporation on July 18 decided to immediately restore 8.2 hectares owned by his company, Highfield.

According to him, before 2021, influential politicians infiltrated P/23C Independence Layout, a plot owned and developed by Himac Real Limited, and used several professional organizations as cover to steal 6602 They were said to have subdivided square meters of land themselves.

Source: guardian.ng

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