Gym member arrested after going into ladies? locker room ?completely n@ked? claiming he identified as a woman

Gym member arrested after entering women's locker room 'completely n@ked', claiming he identified as female

A member of Planet Fitness in North Carolina entered the gym's women's locker room and stripped “completely naked,” claiming he identified as a woman, according to police and 911 callers.

Christopher Miller, 38, was arrested on a charge of indecent exposure and booked into the Gaston County Jail last Thursday, April 4, with his online inmate entry identifying him as male.

His photo showed the suspect sporting a light beard and mustache.

Miller's arrest on a felony charge came after an alarmed woman at the Gastonia Planet Fitness called 911 to report there was a naked man in the women's locker room, WSOC-TV reported.

“It’s a man, but he says he identifies as a woman and won’t come out of the bathroom,” the 911 caller told an emergency dispatcher.

“But he’s just walking around showing us his – and he’s not going away.”

“OK, so he's completely naked?” the dispatcher asked.

“He’s completely naked,” the caller said.

Sources told the outlet that Miller allegedly asked a gym member in the locker room to put lotion on him and take a shower together.

Planet Fitness allows members to use the bathroom and locker room in accordance with their self-declared gender identity, but there was no indication that Miller identified as a transgender woman before venturing into the women's locker room.

“I think a woman should be able to go into the women's bathroom without a man coming in saying he's transgender,” said gym-goer Betty Brice.

Miller was held on $25,000 bond.


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