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Groups take on NDDC chief over comments on Akwa Ibom government’s programs

Ibom Advocates for Peace and Development, a socio-political group in Akwa Ibom State, has criticized Mr. Victor Antai, Director-General, Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC Project, over his comments regarding the state governor, Pastor Umo Eno, and the Peoples Democratic Party. criticized. , PDP.

Recall that Mr. Antai claimed at a rally in Eket that Mr. Eno and the PDP are using poverty as a weapon to ensure that the people remain powerless and weak to oppose his regime. I want you to.

Mr. Antai also criticized the Bulk Purchasing Agency, which the governor established to help poor citizens struggling with hardship, and said Mr. Eno should have used the money to empower farmers to produce more food. .

Angered by the comment, the group spoke at a press conference on Wednesday, addressed by National President Comrade Enefioku Udofia, wondering what Antai could gain by making such misleading comments.

The group said the comments were born of “ignorance and bitterness”.

The group described Mr Antai's comments as ignoring the truth and said it was stunned that the person chosen by providence to attract projects through the NDDC was bent on destroying the country.

The statement read in part: “Mr. Antai should bury his face in shame for unfairly accusing the state government of impoverishing people.

“In its relatively short tenure so far, the government has made great efforts to ensure the well-being of the people of Akwa Ibom through the various empowerment programs it has undertaken.

“Mr Antai’s criticism of the government’s temporary measures to alleviate hunger, especially for the poor and vulnerable sections of society, through the Bulk Purchasing Agency’s Food Security Program is pathetic.

The governor has reiterated that the food purchase agreement is a stopgap agreement, not a permanent solution, and is calling on everyone to return to the farm.

“While we are concerned that he has abandoned his duties to become the leader of the national rebel forces, our concern is that the funds he received from the state are not contributing to the development of the nation and the prosperity of the nation. It is a refusal to see and acknowledge that it has been put to good use by people.”

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