Group seeks partnerships to make justice affordable and accessible

The Hague Institute for Law Innovation (HILL), a civil society organization, called for partnerships to ensure a justice system that is affordable and accessible to all.

The Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Sam Muller, made this comment on Thursday during the launch of the 2023 Report on Justice Needs and Satisfaction in Nigeria.

Muller said that around one billion people around the world have new justice problems, but surprisingly more than 70 percent of them have not found satisfactory solutions.

“Thirty percent of them don’t even feel empowered or empowered enough to take action.

“This has a significant impact on their lives and society, ranging from violence to serious relationship breakdowns and business disputes.”

He said the problem persists because the same model used to deliver justice in past centuries is still being used today.

“As a result, the process of seeking justice is often slow, difficult and expensive.

“With accurate data and technology, we can co-create quality justice based on what we need now.
“We should all work towards user-friendly justice: justice that is affordable, accessible and easy to understand, justice that is human-centered and works,” he said.

But he said that over the past five years, a shift towards people-centered justice has begun to change.

He said a special commission made up of leaders from different regions of the world had thoroughly analyzed the situation and found that the cost of justice to the economy and development could be measured.

“Two-thirds of people on the planet do not have proper access to justice and somehow the situation is not improving and we continue to do the same to improve,” he said. said.

In his presentation, the HILL representative from Nigeria added that the organization has justice acceleration programs, extension programs and innovation labs in Imo, Kaduna and Ogun states.

He added that the research results conducted in Imo, Kaduna and Ogun laboratories show that Nigeria has reached the level of research outputs, solutions and laboratories in Imo and Kaduna.

Mr. Felix Okojie, who represented the Attorney-General of the Federation, Mr. Lateef Fagbemi, expressed satisfaction with the study results in the three states and reiterated the ministry’s commitment to partner with HiiL to replicate the study results across the country. expressed.


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