Group leads advocacy for 2024 Hajj accessibility amid concerns over high costs

Group leads advocacy for 2024 Hajj accessibility amid concerns over high costs

Arewa New Agenda (ANA), led by Senator Ahmad Abubakar Moalahidi, has launched an advocacy campaign aimed at strengthening access to the 2024 Hajj for Nigerian Muslims.

The initiative highlights important issues surrounding the cost and accessibility of the holy pilgrimage and advocates measures to ease the financial burden faced by those who wish to perform the pilgrimage.

The ANA initiative with group leadership was fully endorsed and supported by the leadership of the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) from conception to completion.

ANA's campaign will be marked by strategic initiatives across key regions in the North West, North East, North Central and FCT, and will engage religious leaders, stakeholders, The State Pilgrim Committee came together to address pressing concerns. 2024.

ANA's advocacy includes multifaceted issues that impact the affordability of Hajj, such as accommodation near Haram, meal plans, royalties, airfare, and service charges, all of which make it difficult for pilgrims to This contributes to the overall high costs incurred.

During the engagement, stakeholders expressed concerns about fraud, particularly targeting pilgrims, slow dissemination of information, and a lack of awareness within rural areas about new regulations and payment deadlines for the 2024 Hajj.

Regional observations revealed encouraging trends in some states meeting Hajj quotas, while others faced challenges due to pending court rulings and delayed commitments . The need for deadline extensions and subsidies emerged as key recommendations to make Hajj more accessible.

The North-Central region particularly highlighted the lack of comprehensive information and proposed an intensive education campaign to bridge the awareness gap between would-be pilgrims and rural communities.

Stakeholders are calling for increased awareness campaigns, closer collaboration with financial institutions to reduce payment hurdles, and government subsidies for Hajj fares to address concerns about fraud, improved management, and early savings schemes. He insisted that they be asked to do so.

Government officials from various states including Kano, Kebbi, FCT, Zamfara, Kwara and Nasarawa have expressed confidence in the government’s intervention to ensure the success of the 2024 Hajj, adding that affordable We confirmed efforts to address price issues.

Senator Moalahidi expressed his appreciation for the support provided by the National Hajj Committee and the various state Pilgrim Committees to advance the cause of making the 2024 Hajj more accessible to Muslims in Nigeria. We recognized the cooperative efforts.


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